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Welcome to the RCM Blog

Welcome to our blog. Your constructive comments are welcome.

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  • Robert Whiffen says:

    As president of the LK&R (Longview, Kelso, and Rainier Rwy) I want to thank for allowing me to visit and enjoy your great layout. I plan to keep in contact with your group as I come to Spokane many times a year.


  • Reid Smith says:

    Thanks for the train show and open house yesterday. I moved back to Spokane the first of August and was looking for a train model group to join. The two I visited when we lived here before are gone. I just happened to see a billboard advertising the show the Friday before. I then ran into your table at the show and the nice gentleman told me to stop by the club house for the open house. EVERYBODY I met from the club was nice and informative. One member gave me a tour of the layout and what a layout it is. Nothing I was expecting. I will be back and join as soon as I find a job. I have collected several Great Northern engines and rolling stock and can’t wait to finally see them on the track. Thanks again for the generous hospitality.

  • Doug Howard says:

    Enjoyed looking around your website. Was a member of the old Manito Trunk Lines club, when stationed at Fairchild AFB. (Wonder if I’m the last living member of MTL…a creepy thought.) May be moving to Spokane in the near future, if my grand-daughters have their way… Oh, yes: I model Southern Pacific, and Spokane, Portland & Seattle, in HO. Regards to all at RCM Club! 🙂

  • Kevin Chain says:

    Layout construction notes
    Wiring Scheme

    When wiring up a layout, keeping the various wires straight becomes tricky. After consulting with those that know better, including Bob D., who worked on the electrical systems of the last layout, Jim H., a retired electrical repairman, and my brother, a professional electrical engineer, we developed the wiring scheme for the layout. One of the basic principals we wanted to develop was that every color performed one function, and would not be used for any other function on the layout. That reduces the risk of damaging equipment by connection the wrong power source to a piece of equipment.

    When looking at photos of the underside of the layout, you may wonder where all the wires are going and what they do. Here is the list:

    Red/Black 14ga wires: 14vAC DCC track power. These carry track power only.
    Red/Black 18ga wires: 14vAC DCC track power. These are the individual track feeders from the larger 14ga bus lines to the rails.
    Blue 14ga wire: 12vDC System ground. Used for animation, lighting, and feeding power to UP3 and UP5 facejacks on fasica.
    Yellow 14ga wire: 12vDC Positive. Used for lighting, animation, and feeding power to UP3 and UP5 face jacks on fascia.
    Purple 14ga wire: 5vDC positive. Used for signal system power to signal cards and signal heads.
    Orange 14ga wire: 16vAC for capacitive discharge system for driving yard turnouts.
    Gray 14ga wire: 16vAC for capacitive discharge system for driving yard turnouts.
    White 18ga wire: 5vDC positive. Signal system inputs.
    Green 14ga: System Ground. This wire connects all power boxes to each other, giving the system a common ground to reference.

    We also use bundled/jacketed cables. These include 2x18ga, 3x22ga, 4x22ga, and shielded 4x22ga. These are used for signal system communication, and connections from system cards to the signals themselves.
    The jacket is typically gray, with red, black, green, and white wires inside. Note that we are using red and black for a purpose other than track power, but since the wires are contained within the jacket, the use is considered acceptable.

  • Kevin Chain says:

    Layout construction notes
    Blue Tape On Floor

    When the layout first started out, we worked on benchwork exclusively. As there was no electrical or electronic things I could do, I noticed a lot of people having trouble visualizing where the layout would be, so I grabbed a set of plans, a tape measure(and a second, later on!) and several rolls of blue masking tape and outlined the benchwork on the floor.

    When you look at early photos of the layout, you can see this tape all over the floor. That proved to be helpful to the construction crews who were trying to puzzle the plans out themselves. Now they could see where on the floor the layout was supposed to occupy.

    The only two downsides to this were that the plans didn’t scale to the room dimensions exactly, so some guesswork was involved in laying things out. The second problem was that after the benchwork was built, the tape needed to come back up off the floor. By now, however, it had been chipped, scraped, and damaged in so many ways that just peeling it back up off the floor became impossible.

  • Duane E. Buck says:

    Enjoyed viewing your layout photos. I look forward to the day I can see the completed layout. I had the pleasure of visiting your old layout on several occasions and found it impressive. However, your new layout is obviously a vast improvement. Thanks you for sharing the layout on your website.

    • Mike Tietz says:

      Great to here from you Buck. We have made a lot of progress of late. Check back often to see news and pictures of our progress. Both this web site and our Facebook page carry a lot of information for both the beginner as well as the seasoned model railroader. You can also follow events on our Calendar page.We are planning to have open run night for guest as well as clinics in the future. You can access our Facebook page without having to enroll in Facebook by clicking on the River City Modelers text on the left under “Find us on Facebook. Hope to here from you again……….

  • Mike Tietz says:

    I want to thank all who attended last Sundays Train Show and Swap Meet. It was another great show and the weather did cooperate for us. Thanks to all the people who helped set up and put on this well received event. We at River City Modelers strive to make the show bigger and better each year. We also would be very appreciative of any comments you may have on how we could inprove future shows. Please use this blog to let us know how we can make your visit even better.

  • Alan Ashton says:

    Great shot of Bob under the benchwork on Facebook yesterday.

  • Lee Chessman says:

    Great job Mike, Jerry, Rick and Michelle. First rate! Very friendly and useful website. Go River City Western!!

  • Grandpaw John says:

    Very impressive job on the Website AND Facebook page! Having a website of my own, I can appreciate the effort that went into making it a reality. Commendable!

  • Tom Smith says:

    Thanks Michelle, Mike, Jerry, and Rick. The website is great, 5 stars.

  • Alan Ashton says:

    Congratulations on a great looking website!

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